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Accommodation in St. Andrews

There are a plethora of hotels, bed and breakfasts, and self-catering flats and houses in St. Andrews. Nothing, except the hostel on St. Mary’s Place in the town center, is cheap. St. Andrews is a popular tourist destination in the summer, and parents visiting students during term times also help to maintain the many establishments. The University of St. Andrews offers bed and breakfast accommodation in some of its halls of residence during the summer, too.

McIntosh Hall

McIntosh Hall, University of St. Andrews

In Scotland, England, and Wales, the best places to get good advice on where to stay are the Tourist Information Centers. Most town have them and even if you arrive in a town without a reservation anywhere, they can help you find something. In St. Andrews the Tourist Office is right in the center of town. They also have information on lots of other places to visit and things to do around Scotland.

Tourist Information Center, St. Andrews

Tourist Information Center, St. Andrews

The next Open golf championship is in July 2015. Accommodation sells out up to a year in advance in town, and prices go sky high. A few of the more desirable spots are already sold out. The only hotel directly on the Old Course is the Old Course Hotel and Spa.

Places to See, for a Cost

In Washington D.C., we are spoiled. Our fine museums are mostly free. In places like the Capitol, even the tours are free. For people planning to travel to historic sites throughout Scotland, and/or other parts of Britain, be warned: there are entry fees for almost any historical site. It might well be worth buying one of the National Heritage or Historic Scotland individual or family passes. These can include free admission or 50% off (depending on the pass) to many historic sites as opposed to pretty hefty single entry fees. This web site sells passes before you get to Britain, and says that you can’t buy them there, but often when you enter some place like The Tower of London, you may be given the option to buy a pass offering different terms than the ones on this particular page.¬†Visiting the Scottish Heritage sites will also give a good overview of the properties they support. Each one has its character and appeal for different travelers.


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