The Town

The earliest recorded name of the St. Andrews area is Muckross. (Glad it changed!) After the founding of a religious settlement in Muckross in around 370 AD, the name of the town changed to Cennrígmonaid (Gaelic) which translates to Kilrymont. According to legend supported by some facts, St Regulus or St. Rule brought the St Andrew’s relics (the saint’s arm, kneecap, three fingers and a tooth) from Greece to Kilrymont, where a shrine was established for their safekeeping and veneration. This is when the town became St. Andrews.

It was already an important religious center and a bishopric by the 11th century.  The first church and monastery was on St. Mary’s mount, on high rocky spot above the harbor. The largest cathedral in Scotland was built in 1160, and the relic were transferred there. Even before the Cathedral was built, St. Andrews was center of pilgrimage in medieval Scotland and one of the most important in Europe. That as well as trade with the “Lowlands” (Holland, Belgium, Luxembourg) and the vigorous fishing industry made St. Andrews affluent until the Reformation.




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I really want to be a children's writer. I've been a children's teacher all my working adult life -- first my own children, then other's. In school, writing was my strength, but when I went to university, I studied Medieval History. Go figure. Then when my kids were all in school I got a M.Ed. in elementary education and ended up in teaching technology -- which doesn't mean I can manipulate Word Press faultlessly. My first "real" job involved public relations writing -- and that runs the gamut from getting down basic facts to speech writing and promotional pieces. When I became a teacher, most of my writing was either unit and lesson plans or report cards comments! But I've had a few things published from time to time in the local newspapers when something strikes me as exceptionally interesting or really irritating. Now that I've retired, I'm writing to practice for what one day will be a children's book. I've got a critique group and I listen to them. I'm reading kidlit. I'm learning all the time, and I'm also realizing that history is pulling me back from the past (and my past).

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